green residential development (TH, 2013)
private villa 4F (TH, 2012)
matter house (TH, 2012)
gateway residential development (TH, 2011)
jomtien beach apartment (TH, 2011)
haefele design center phuket (TH, 2010)
haefele design studio bangkok (TH, 2010)
lighthouse beach residence (TH, 2008)
lake taco residence (TH, 2005)
jomtien beach penthouse (TH, 2003)
dinamix media agency (D, 2001)
aircabin office building (D, 2000)
facon fashion (D, 1999)
attic addition kreuzlingen (CH, 1998)
DGNB certificate in GOLD for haefele design center phuket (TH, 2013)
first project in southeast asia to be DGNB certified (TH, 2013)
green proposal for pattaya city (TH, 2011)
award for haefele design center phuket (TH, 2010)


OIA is specialized in sustainable concepts & design visions. our customized contemporary & innovative top-end quality design solutions are for the benefit of people, connecting the local context with our european expertise.

founded in germany in 1995 and based in thailand since 2002, our international design firm recently started a german-thai energy expert venture and, awarded with the first DGNB certificate (GOLD) in southeast asia, we will be a competent partner on the forefront of sustainable design issues in the fast growing tropical region.

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